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Arizona, Ecuador & Peru 2013-2014

Walkingman's 2013-14 walk across Arizona, Ecuador and Peru.10-28-13 to 3-28-14

Howdy from Gary "Walkingman" Hause.

Just finished up working the summer at the Marriott Courtyard at Page, Arizona, and ready for my next big walk. Leaving Page, Arizona October 28th 2013 and walking south for Phoenix. Just going to amble along and enjoy myself, no hurry, no worries, as the Australians say. Will probably do a loop around southern Arizona to Phoenix, and then fly to Cuenca, Ecuador on 12-28-13 to continue my walk through South America. I stopped my journey across Ecuador after I ran into some problems 5 or 6 years ago. You can read about it under the South America heading on my website. Will take a break for Thanksgiving to spend time with family, then another break for Christmas to go back to Page Arizona and spend it with family. Hoping to walk all the way to Lima Peru on this trip. Looks like about 1400 miles on the mountain route. The coast route is shorter but goes through mostly desert with long stretches of no towns. So about 90 days at 15 mpd. Also need to look into how I take my IPhone with me. Anybody know if it is best to set up a plan when I get there or beforehand with my phone company here? Feel free to email me with advice or tips if you have traveled this route.

Started a Facebook page just last year. I have a smart phone with camera now that I can post photos on my Facebook page with. So I think I will continue writing a 2 or 3 page article and emailing it out to all my email friends and posting it on my website every 2 or 3 weeks. Also I will take photos every day when I see something interesting and post it on my Facebook page with a short note. So feel free to check out my Facebook page and friend me, gary walkingman hause, page arizona. Will have to see how my service plan is and how often I will be able to send updates to Facebook and my website.

The rest of this article is just basic info I include every year on how I do my walk, so feel free to skip it if you have already read my yearly pre walk articles.

So far I have walked about 25,467 miles across the USA, Europe, UK, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. I have about 14,000 more miles to walk across Asia, Africa, and South America to break the Guinness Book World Record of 38,000 miles for walking around the world, set by Arthur Blessit ( Although they no longer list his world walking record in their book every year, they skipped 5 years, then put it in the 2007 edition with a photo of him dragging his cross. Plus he is still walking about one month a year dragging a big wooden cross and preaching about Jesus and adding to his total. So I might have a hard time catching up with him and passing him till he quits walking. There is also several other people walking the world that have websites that I will include in a later article.

I will be working till October 27th 2013 in Page, Arizona if anyone wants me to give a free talk about my world walk to any local schools or groups. I always try to encourage students to turn off the TV or computer and get outside and walk or bike and have a real adventure. Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .You can also email me if I will be passing by your area on my walk and you want me to stop by for a visit or to give a talk to your local school or club. I have given talks at the local schools and have been interviewed at the local radio station here in Page, Arizona many times.

Every night right after sunset I pitch my tent just off the road and get a good nights sleep. Up one hour before sunrise every morning, I cook up a single pot of oatmeal, with 2 eggs, instant coffee, sugar and sometimes chocolate stirred in, while lying in my sleeping bag. Then I break camp and start walking just about as the sun rises. Usually I average about 15 to 20 miles a day, stopping to shop for food, take rest breaks, talk to locals, go swimming, and enjoy observing the local plants, animals, and people.

Lots of nice people stop to talk and ask me what I am doing. People are always giving me food, drink, advice, and sometimes invite me into their home for a home cooked meal, hot shower, and to stay over. Always makes me appreciate my favorite things in life, a hot shower, home cooked meal, and friendly people.

I usually eat about 4000 to 5000 calories a day(about $5 to $8 a day) to keep me going. Yogurt, oatmeal, sugar (for my oats, coffee, and sun tea), eggs, apples, V-8, bananas, oranges, cookies, dates, raisins, and lots of sun tea. You can view a detailed breakdown of my diet with cost , calories, and food type on my website at under the dining page.

I push a three-wheel baby stroller made by Runabout Stollers in Aloha Oregon (, loaded with all my gear. I emailed the company about buying a new stroller and after finding out that I had been using one of their strollers the last 10 years to walk around the world they gave me a free stoller. Tent, sleeping bag, clothes, food, water, computer, and radio, usually about 60 to 85 pounds. The wheels that came with the stroller were a little to narrow for going off road, they tended to sink into the sand when I go offroad to camp every night. So Vance Swartz at Lakeside bikes here in Page helped me convert from 20 by 1 inch to 24 by 2.25 wheels for the back and from 16 by 1 inch to 20 by 1.75 for the front wheel. Vance also does tours of the local slot canyons and has lots of great photos of the Lake Powell area on his website at .

With my Gore-Tex suit and wool pants and sweater on, I can walk through any cold weather. Also using Udderly Smooth Udder Cream on my feet to keep them blister free. Wal-mart sells it in their pharmacy dept. I have Teva walking sandals with me, running shoes, and Hi Tec hiking boots with me this year. I also got some free sun protection shirts, hats and pants from a great company in Australia . I think their website is

I write a article every three weeks about my journey on my iPad computer and post it with photos on my website at I have a iPhone 5 smartphone with camera, so I should be able to post more recent photos on my new Facebook page. Also have a few new Walkingman comic strips about my walk drawn by Micheal Treat on my website. You can also see an ABC News video and a YouTube video with me walking and answering questions. My webmaster Mike Kreidel has a real cool flash movie with photos of people I met and the song Walk 500 Miles by the Proclaimers. My webmaster is also redoing my website with new software so I can post my own journal and photos with my new computer and camera as I travel. I have been emailing my articles to him and having him post them.

Lots of people ask me why I am walking around the world. I tell them I am doing it for fun, adventure, exercise, and a cheap way to see the world. Every day I get to see the sun rise and set, meet lots of nice people, get lots of good exercise, and something unusual happens to me everyday. You never know what’s going to happen, whom you will meet, or what the weather will be like. It always reminds me of reading my favorite books like "The Hobbit"by JRR Tolkien, "Walk Across America" by Peter Jenkins, "Siddharta" by Herman Hesse, "Illusions" by Richard Bach. You never know what kind of adventure you will have, what you will learn, who you will meet, or how your life will be changed. . Always nice to lay down in my tent after a full day of walking, watch the moon and stars, and think about what happened over the course of the day, and eat a hot filling meal of ramen noodles and eggs.

Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or from my website at If you have any questions or comments about my walk. I always enjoy hearing from anybody that is interested in my world walk and always take the time to answer all emails as soon as I can. I might take a while to answer as it will be a long way between towns with Wi-Fi reception for my computer, but be patient and I will answer all emails.

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.
Gary Walkingman Hause.


Page Arizona to Phoenix, 10-28-2013 to 11-26-2013, 400 miles, 25,867 total world walk miles.

Feels great to be back on the road walking again. No matter how bad of shape I am in or how bad I feel, I always feel great once I start walking. I kind of goofed off all summer because of my ankle being sore. Walking the dogs and a little bit of bike riding was all the exercise I got this summer. The doctor x-rayed it, but nothing he could see that was wrong. Chiropractor worked on it and seemed to help. He said the fascia underneath the skin was all knotted up, and he adjusted one vertebra down by my hip.  Walking all day seems to clear all the cob webs out of my brain and energizes my body and mind. Life seems more interesting, I notice everything around me on the road and in the desert. All kinds of interesting things pop into my head and I solve problems that i had been thinking about easily. Started off kind of slow at about 8 to 12 miles a day, but ramped up to 15 miles a day once everything seemed to feel okay. First day out of Page was kind of a challenge with 30 to 40 mph winds and blowing sand. A piece of sand got under my contacts and scratched my eye. My eye got infected and I had to keep one eye closed to keep the painful sunlight out. I always carry a couple bottles of Tobramycin eye drops from my eye doctor. They cleared up my infection in two days. Pretty funny walking down the road half blind though. Luckily the road had a good shoulder to walk on with rumble strips by the white line so I could tell if I was straying into the road. It is really hard to keep one eye closed without sometimes closing the other eye also. So sometimes I would just walk with both eyes closed.

Found a nice "On the road again" cup at a thrift store. It’s my favorite Willie Nelson song that comes out of a speaker on the bottom of the cup. Just the first two verses though, I will have to look up the whole song again so I can work on it. I also sing "Zippity do dah" , and "Here comes the sun " in the morning. People always wonder what I do all day and why I do not get bored walking by myself. It’s amazing how fascinating walking is. You get all kinds of oxygen, and endorphins coursing through you brain stimulating you thoughts and senses. I see all kinds of interesting animals, birds, insects, tools, money, beautiful sights, and people are always stopping to talk to me. Its always great to meet interesting people, talk, get advice, water, food, and sometimes get invited into their home for dinner.

Since my ankle was feeling good I started planning where I was going to go this winter. Picked up a map of South America and a Spanish phrase book with a CD. Practicing my Spanish every day now as I am going to continue my walk through Ecuador and Peru for three months after Christmas. Flying into Cuenca Ecuador on 12-28 where I stopped my journey back in 2006. Walking south through the mountains to Lima Peru. About 1450 miles over three months, so about 15 miles a day. The coast road to Lima is shorter at 900 miles, but all desert and very hot during their summer. I will be up at 7000 to 10,000 feet elevation till I drop down to sea level at Lima. Weather looks like it should be nice warm days and cool nights. Hard to tell till I experience it though. Luckily I got an email from a friend in Lima Peru that worked with me at Lake Powell Arizona. She offered me a place to stay, home cooked Peruvian meal, and answered a bunch of questions about her country. Most of the National Parks I have worked at employ lots of international students for the summer. So it’s always nice when I have somebody I know that I can connect with.

My walk south from Page to Flagstaff was windy and cold, but much better as I started dropping down Oak Creek Canyon and into Sedona. Steep switchback road from about 7000 feet to 4000 feet over 15 miles. Leaves were changing color and they contrasted nicely with the green pine trees and the red rock sandstone buttes and mesas.  I am still collecting firewood every night and pre laying a fire outside for the cold mornings after I cook my oatmeal, eggs, and coffee inside my tent. Always nice to sit outside by the fire and warm up my toes as I break down my camp. Humankind has been sitting around the fire cooking, talking, and eating for 95% of our time on Earth as nomadic hunter gathers. Just recently in the last 10,000 years we developed agriculture and settled down into houses. Just the last 200 years since the industrial revolution we have almost completely divorced ourselves from growing or killing our own food, and communing with nature. Now with the Information Age we are even further isolated with computers and cell phones. Some people live their whole life online now with games, Facebook, telecommuting, even fake fires on their TV or computer. I always tell kids when I give a talk at a school to turn off the TV or computer and get outside and have an adventure, walk, bicycle, exercise your body. It’s amazing what the human body can do if you go for it. People bicycle, walk, row, kayak, and sail all over the world with little or in expensive gear. I hope to get my book published eventually, with the title "How to quit your job, and walk or bicycle the world, on $5 a day". I basically have it all written, with just the job of rewriting some of it and putting it in a word document and submitting it to Amazons Create Space E-Book publishing company.

Met lots of nice people so far on this walk. One man stopped and handed me half of a pizza. Only an hour old and looked like it was from Stromboli’s up in Page. Lots of people have been stopping to hand me water, Gatorade, fruit, cookies, and other snacks. Couple people stopped to say they had seen me on TV. I think NBC has been replaying an interview I did on "Arizona Highways with Don Davis". An old friend I worked with at Lake Powell passed me on the road and recognized me. So he checked my website and emailed me to meet for lunch. Visited a nice lady I worked with at Bryce Canyon back in 1999. Had a nice home cooked dinner, hot shower, and slept on a warm couch after a long cold day walking in the rain 21 miles. Amazing how good a hot shower feels if you have not been taking one every day. When I work in the summer I usually take 3 or 4 hot showers a day to make up for the ones I did not get in the winter while walking.

Met my family right before Thanksgiving and drove down with to Mexico to spend 4 nights with them. Nice break on the beach with pool, hot tub, and plenty of good food. We were on the 6th floor of a condo unit, so I kept in shape by walking the stairs 6 flights up and down 10 to 15 times a day. This was just a prewalk to make sure my ankle was good to go for my big walk in South America.

Looking forward to flying down to Ecuador. Feel free to email me with any questions or comments about my walk. Not sure how often I will be able to post my articles on my website or photos on Facebook. All depends on the Wi-Fi availability and how I set up my phone service plan. I have been getting so many emails and messages that sometimes that if I do not get a question that needs answering, just well wishes, I do not always respond.

Well I was planning on walking 3 more weeks around Southern Arizona until Christmas. My wife had a little car accident, she had her second IPhone stolen, and Justice's parked car was hit and basically totaled.  So I went back Page to help out my wife for three weeks. I was planning on leaving 12-28 to walk from Cuenca, Ecuador for three months to Lima, Peru.  Instead, I went to have my yearly physical in Page since I had some time.  The doctor heard a sound in my heart that they didn't like and sent me to a cardiologist.  I was admitted to the hospital the next day and had emergency open-heart surgery for an Aortic aneurysm that measured 9.1 centimeters.  A normal Aorta is 3 cm.  I now have a new Aorta valve, and root Aorta.  During the surgery, I apparently had a stroke that was focused on the Language center of the brain.  So I am slowly getting better and working hard to get everything back.  I spent 2 weeks in rehab and will continue having speech therapy.  Hoping to go next year in November to walk again in Cuenca, Ecuador for three months to Lima , Peru.  (Written by Gary and edited by Denise).

Keep on Walking

Gary "Walkingman" Hause.

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